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Marketing, Product Design

Tools Utilized: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


As an intern at EQ Derivatives, I was tasked with redesigning the company’s email templates, social media posts, and event brochures so they would be more intuitive and clearly articulate the company’s purpose to the end users. These end users are investors who are looking to learn more about volatility derivatives and alternative risk investment strategies.

Design Process

I reviewed the current media and set out to redesign them based on my knowledge of UX best practices while also sticking to the company’s brand guide. Below are two projects I completed.

Project 1: Updating Sponsorships Opportunity Brochure
Design Problem
Europe EQD 2022 Brochure-Sponsorship Opportunities.jpg
Europe EQD 2022 Brochure-Sponsorship Opportunities1.jpg

This sponsorship brochure shown above is very text heavy, which interfered with its readability. I decided it was essential to minimize the verbiage to include only what was necessary to convey the salient points of each sponsorship opportunity while maintaining the document’s clarity and understandability. Additionally, since the document is designed to be consumed online, we made a team decision to omit the cover page.


I met with the sales team to determine which extraneous information could be removed from the brochure so that the pertinent information for potential sponsors would fit on one page. We decided to delete text about attending companies, event information, and the schedule. I chose to also extract the images containing the contact information since they detracted from the main point of the brochure. I added the navy bars as a way to create a visual separation between the sponsorship information and other details, strategically placing them at the top and bottom to give the main text a frame and further emphasize that this is the point of the brochure. I also maintained the brand guide, using the fonts and widths appropriate for each part of the text.


I sent the brochure to my manager for review, and we met to discuss possible layout and wording changes to ensure the best possible readability and experience for the potential sponsors. Once I incorporated those changes, the sales and events teams reviewed my work. They provided constructive feedback as to what should take precedence at the top of the page. I reviewed the feedback, implemented the necessary changes, and submitted the final copy.

Europe EQD 2023 Brochure-Sponsorship Opportunities.png
Project 2: Redesigning Event Menu
Design Problem

The layout of the event menu was neither easily readable nor aesthetically pleasing.

Design Process

I redesigned the event menu in accordance with the guidelines of the brand. I cut out excess text that was not directly pertinent to the goal of educating investors about the conferences EQD will be holding. I also applied consistent styling to the text so there would be obvious visual separations between the events as well as the subcategories listed under each.


I included only two images in order to mimic the style of the sponsorships brochure, with the top and bottom framing the important text.

Event Menu mid 1.jpg
Event Menu mid 2.jpg
Event Menu mid 3.jpg

My manager and I met and she complimented my work. It was presented to the CEO who asked that I add more pictures to make it more compelling for the viewer. He felt that including additional images of people similar to themselves engaging in the conference would be a powerful marketing tool.


As per his instruction, I added a few more photos, being careful not to detract from the text of the menu or sway from the brand guide.

Event Menu.jpg
Event Menu2.jpg
Event Menu3.jpg
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